First Post

by shadfurman

Nothing here, just posting to post something. I’ll post some old projects with some pictures and hopefully get into new projects soon. I’m currently disassembling a printer to make a 3D printer, I think I may need a few more for more parts, but there are a bunch available for free on craigslist, and eventually I’ll have to pay for a heated bed… though I’ve been thinking about using the glass from a scanner and run some resistive wire… have no idea if that will work… we’ll see… the point it to make a 3D printer without buying any parts.

I am the founder (if I can find other makers) of the Fall River Makers Club (MA). I’ll be posting on that as events unfold. (Fall River Makers club never really took off and I haven’t lived in Fall River for quite some time.) I’m interested in being involved in education, after school programs and scouting with making. I didn’t have a community when I was young and wonder what might have happen had I more coaxing, direction and education. I am a huge believer that problem solving is universal and so much else in life is just contextual knowledge. We put too much emphasis on being an architect or a biologist, I believe we can all be them all. I look to the John Carmacks and Elon Musks of the world for inspiration. I believe every child should learn to program and repair their own car. The logic and problem solving skills are more important than KNOWING anything.

….thats all on my mind at the moment…